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Your Child is in Great Hands



Australian International Nursery (AIN) is based on the philosophy that high-quality childcare is of the greatest importance.  It is scientifically proven that the first five years of your childhood are the most important ever in human development.


At AIN all children are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiences that will enable them to fulfill their potential and promote equality of outcome.  AIN believes that each child should be valued as a unique individual in terms of culture, gender, abilities, interests, needs and learning styles.


The Staff at AIN believes that some of the most important things that happen to children during these early years are not easily MEASURED and cannot be sent home on paper, but they do come home in the hearts and minds of the children.


To provide your children with quality of Early Childhood Education experience in an environment that encourages and enables your children to succeed in a constantly changing world. We will ensure that this environment is nurturing, safe, clean and where children are encouraged to grow as unique individuals.


AIN’s vision has always been to work in partnership with colleagues, families, community, the UAE Ministry of Education and the Sharjah Private Education Authority and create an environment that celebrates inclusiveness and respects cultural diversity.

We will always strive to ensure that the “whole child” is nurtured, regardless of any disabilities so that they can all reach their full potential. 

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