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"Early Childhood Education

is not expensive,



Australian International Nursery (AIN) believes that to learn and grow, children must, first of all, have a sense of belonging. As a result, we aim to make every child and parent feel welcome in our community, an approach that drives our experienced educators to form a genuine connection with each family and their culture. 

Our highly qualified staff engage children by using play-based learning to develop outcomes within the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, Belonging, Being and Becoming.  Every child is allowed to focus on their own individual interests in resource-rich, curiosity-sparking spaces.
We also reach out to parents by keeping them up-to-date on everything that happens at AIN. Every member of our teaching community values and parent input for all stages of care, from day-to-day supervision through to the long-term goals and outcomes for children. We recognise that parents are busy, though – that's why each family decides on their own level of involvement.

Roxana Tomkinson, M.Ed.


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